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A Story of Unfailing Resilience

A healthy marathoner, clinic owner, and mom to two young children, there were no concerns whatsoever when she began her final pregnancy at age 36. Yet Dr. Jill Murphy, a physical therapist and athletic trainer, learned to fight time and time again to find answers to the mysterious and undiagnosed heart arrhythmia that later led to transient ischemic attacks and mild stroke.  With limited assistance from a broken healthcare system, it was Dr. Murphy’s relentless pursuit of solutions that led to her finally gaining a diagnosis, treatment, and management of these serious medical problems that allowed her to return to a life of health and happiness.

Restoring the Joy in Medicine by Delivering Patient-Centered Care

Many in medicine have lost the enthusiasm they once felt as they tackled the day as a young clinician filled with hope, convinced that they were about to make a big difference in the lives of their patients.  Complacency, redundancy, and the problem of physician suicide only reinforce the concept that something critical is missing in healthcare.  Re-discover the joy of medicine by learning how to deliver high quality, effective, patient-centered care.

Arming for Battle: How Becoming an Informed Patient Might Just Save Your Life

Author Dr. Jill H Murphy is sharing what she learned from her story of unfailing resilience as she battled a rare heart arrhythmia, stroke, and the complications that followed to arm patients with the tools they need to become effective advocates as they pursue a healthier life in our broken American healthcare system.

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