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Dr. Jill Murphy's children in Doctor Heal Thyself

Doctor Heal Thyself


Inexplicably sent to a 24-hour grocery store for 4 baby aspirin at midnight one New Year’s Eve in lieu of acute stroke treatment at the local hospital emergency room, thus began Dr. Jill Murphy’s tumble down the rabbit hole into a healthcare universe strikingly unfamiliar. 
Her pursuit of a diagnosis and treatment divulged healthcare experiences equal parts perplexing and disturbing to this physical therapist who thought she knew all the rules

to the healthcare game.

Doctor Heal Thyself invites the reader to walk alongside Dr. Murphy as she struggles to find doctors willing to diagnose the heart arrhythmia that began during an otherwise healthy pregnancy, even after shocking escalation to cryptogenic stroke at the age of 37. The mission requires a complete transformation from consummate patient advocate to a bold and fearless champion for herself in a healthcare system plagued by a myriad of unanticipated barriers and challenges. Would all of her efforts be enough to save her career, fledgling physical therapy clinic, and her most important role as mom to her three young children?

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