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Treating the Patient as the Customer

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Sept, 2018: As we head into fall (already?!), here in the Murphy household we are still recovering from our crazy and unexpected summer. My kids are abuzz over how many last-minute trips they took, even if almost all of them ended at the same destination (they believe Rochester, Minnesota is the neatest city ever). They also think it was somehow fun to drive all the way to Cleveland in one day and then back again to Rochester just four days later. At least someone was having fun!

Despite some unexpected complications from my previous heart ablations that ended in open heart surgery to free up my heart from a tightened pericardium, this fall is all about rest, recovery, and a return to good health! Despite wishing that somehow I had a lead on the fastest path to recovery, unfortunately, recovery from major surgeries for healthcare providers is just the same as everybody else. Some ups and downs, some bumps on the road, but soon I will be back in the clinic, no longer the patient! (It’s no fun being a patient, is it?!)

Make no mistake, I have learned so much from my healthcare experiences this summer. In fact, I have already written an article on how to specifically advocate for yourself that will be in next month’s newsletter. The scariest thing is to see doctors dragging their feet because something in your case isn’t quite the same as the last 100 cases they’ve seen. Sometimes even high-level academic physicians forget a very important point when treating patients- we are people with high levels of variability, not things, gadgets, or gizmos on a manufacturing assembly line. When you treat people, you have to expect that no two cases will look exactly alike, because no two people are exactly alike.

Thankfully, at MotionWorks Physical Therapy, we've known that very important fact all along!  In fact, it's at the center of all we do, because we put you, the individual patient, at the center of everything- from your first visit called your initial evaluation, to your specific treatment plan, and to each individual treatment session, there is no cookie cutter plan- just a plan perfectly tailored to you and your particular physical therapy needs.  We relish the opportunity to take on cases that are more unusual, or patients not able to find success elsewhere, because we love to learn, we love a challenge, and we love to help all patients return to the life they love!

My extensive healthcare experiences make me value our customer service model at MotionWorks Physical Therapy even more. When you work in a clinic that puts patients first with every day, every decision, every breath we take, it is very foreign to come across care providers that still don’t understand that the patient is the customer. There is nothing more frustrating than being disrespected, ignored, mistreated, or not treated appropriately at all, especially when you are in pain or in need of a specific treatment. At MotionWorks, we pride ourselves in serving you, the patient only. We will give you the treatment you need. If we cannot provide it, we will refer you to someone who can. That’s our promise to each one of our patients. And trust me, we are not changing our philosophy anytime soon!

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