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Live Uncommon

Dear MotionWorks Family,

Happy Daylight Savings Day and welcome to the wonderful days of Spring! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never yawned so much in one week as this one. Hoping to see the sun set after 7pm if it ever shows its elusive face again very soon!

With the signs of spring starting to emerge and the possibility of embarking once again on life without COVID (hooray!!!), there is much hope and change in the air. Never one to pass on a moment of reflection, I like to use these re-set moments in life to once again ponder my purpose, my goals, and my motivation for living.

I was reading an email from my alma mater, Concordia University Wisconsin several months ago, and it helped me congeal the thoughts wandering around in my head. Tim Tebow was their December graduation speaker (virtual, of course), and he spoke on the theme of what it is to live a life uncommon. To live uncommon just happens to be Concordia’s tagline for the moment, and I couldn’t love that idea more. In fact, as I look back at the 20 years I’ve lived since graduating from college myself, I think it would sum up my own personal story and philosophy quite well.

When folks are asked about their future, like what are their 5 and 10 year goals, some typical responses are becoming a millionaire or being financially independent (whatever that is), starting a new career, finishing a degree program, retiring, losing weight, getting in shape, finding work-life balance, or maybe to become a new parent, getting married, holding the first grandbaby, or becoming a social media or Youtube star. Other popular ideals these days might be to take the perfect selfie, make the perfect crème brulee (and of course, post the perfect picture on social media), or travel to a dream destination on their bucket list. But for me, I really like the idea of living a life uncommon.

What does that mean? Living a life uncommon is living towards a goal that is other worldly. A goal focused on building wealth that is eternal versus temporary. More abstract, less concrete. Put simply, living a life in service to others, as I seek to honor and glorify God in all that I do.

A goal to inspire others, not just encourage others. A passionate life of action to improve the lives of others. It’s not flashy and exciting, not social media worthy, and certainly not going to hit the top ten list for personal goals. But that’s kind of the point.

To live uncommon is living a life that stands out for being different than others. It takes the focus away from you, and shines it on those around you. Elevating other’s needs and dreams above your own. It’s a life of selfless love, contentment, and security in knowing your priorities are where they should be, with your heart aligned with God.

It’s the narrow path for sure. Not one to gather many Facebook Likes or Twitter followers. But it’s living a life actually worth living. And for me, that’s enough.

Authentically Yours,

Jill Murphy

Owner, MotionWorks Physical Therapy

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