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Listen to the story...

Listen to Dr. Jill Murphy share a part of her story on the Medical Error Interviews Podcast with Scott Simpson

Official Website of
Dr. Jill H Murphy

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Advocate for Patient-Centered Care

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A Story of Unfailing Resilience

Doctor Heal Thyself is a raw and inspiring journey

of relentless perseverance and self-reliance

as a female doctor of physical therapy,

wife, and mother of three

pursues a diagnosis and treatment

for what started out as a benign heart arrhythmia

during pregnancy

that unexpectedly escalated to stroke..

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Long-time patient advocate, author Dr. Jill Murphy is sharing what she learned from her experiences as she battled a rare heart arrhythmia, stroke, and the complications that followed to arm patients with the tools they need to become effective advocates in our broken American healthcare system as they pursue a healthier life. 
Dr. Murphy also hopes to inspire fellow clinicians to restore their joy in practicing medicine by implementing process improvement and culture changes in academic medicine that result in consistent, high quality, patient-centered care.

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