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Dr. Jill H Murphy

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Advocate for Patient-Centered Care


A Story of Unfailing Resilience

Doctor Heal Thyself is a raw and inspiring journey

of relentless perseverance and self-reliance

as a female doctor of physical therapy,

wife, and mother of three

pursues both a diagnosis and treatment

for what started out as a benign heart problem

during pregnancy

that unexpectedly escalated to stroke with permanent deficits.


Author Dr. Jill H Murphy is sharing what she learned from her experiences as she battled a rare heart arrhythmia, stroke, and the complications that followed to arm patients with the tools they need to become effective advocates in our broken American healthcare system as they pursue a healthier life. 

Dr. Murphy also hopes to inspire fellow clinicians to restore their joy in practicing medicine by learning how to deliver patient-centered care.